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    Dear Customer! We tell you that, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection and Defense Code, we have a Complaints Book at your disposal so that you can register your complaint or claim about any order, transaction or service provided by our company.
    In case the consumer does not provide at least his name, DNI, address or email, date of claim or complaint, and the details thereof, they will be considered as not presented (art. 5 D.S. 006-2014-PCM). The formulation of the claim does not prevent resorting to other dispute resolution channels nor is it a prerequisite for filing a complaint with INDECOPI. The provider must respond to the claim within a period not exceeding thirty (30) calendar days, and may extend the period up to thirty (30) more days, prior communication to the consumer.
    Disagreement related to products or services.
    Disagreement not related to the products, services, discomfort or dissatisfaction with respect to customer service.