Smart solutions for large loads

We understand that not all cargo fits into a standard container and special cargo requires special handling and care. With over 8 years of experience shipping cargo of all shapes and sizes, our project cargo team can create secure and competitive logistics solutions for all types of large cargo, from aircraft parts to heavy machinery to well equipment tankers and yachts. Due to the specialized nature of project cargo, we consider each bulk and oversize shipment individually, tailoring our services to your specific needs to deliver your cargo to any address in the world.

Break-bulk services

On board ships, we store your cargo on a pre-prepared bed containing multiple flat shelves, providing a safe working environment for stevedores and ensuring compliance with requirements. As part of our feasibility and preparation studies. Our team also focuses on loss prevention and claims for very large and/or heavy loads, ensuring safe and smooth delivery.

Load out of range or gauge

If your cargo won’t fit in a standard container or flat rack, we’ll load and secure (tie) it carefully onto a pallet, single flat rack, or open top unit. Our experts will work with you to create a tailored solution for secure delivery. We have access to specialized handling equipment and facilities such as container trailers, floating cranes and cargo securing services.

Additional local services

We also offer additional services such as loading, anchoring and insurance of goods at the port of origin or at a nearby warehouse. We can also arrange domestic pickups and deliveries using a variety of equipment, as well as internal transport and police notifications. If necessary, stowage, port mooring and port storage services can also be provided. Contact us to transport your project.

Our loading equipment Project

We offer a variety of options for very large and/or very heavy loads. Our experts can advise you on the best option for your cargo.