Shipments with origin and destination to the main ports of the world.

We have preferential agreements with shipping companies in the market to meet the needs of our customers. In order to offer you a service tailored to your needs, we seek maximum efficiency and safety, optimizing competitiveness, transit times and available space, from all origins and to all destinations in the world.

Maritime Department

Our maritime department advises and coordinates any shipment by ship, offering appropriate solutions for each need depending on the needs of each transport.

Monitoring and control of goods

Our systems allow us to automatically track our shipments, compare the information received and provide reliable information to our customers.

Transportation of material to any point

We offer worldwide coverage through collaborations with leading airlines and a global network of agents, your shipments will always be supervised and controlled by our team.

Document management

We personally carry out all the documentary and customs procedures, with our team, in this way we carry out a very efficient coordination of information between departments.